LPI certification level 1 (LPIC1) exam 102 (NL)

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The online training LPI 102 covers all the subjects needed to successfully pass the LPI 102 exam. In about 15 hours of training you will learn the basic skills that a Linux Professional needs to manage the most common Linux distributions. The course covers general filesystem management , the use of the command line (the shell), installing a Linux system and general software- and process management.

The course covers general shell scripting, the technical aspects of the desktop, usermanagement and basic services like logging, sending messages, printers, configuration of basic network settings and setting basic security measures.

At the end of the course you will be able to manage a basic network configuration on a Linux system and you will be able to write general scripts. Next to this, with a little additional studying, you should be able to successfully pass for the LPI 102 exam.

Together with the LPI 101 exam you will have the knowledge required for the LPIC-1 level (Junior Level Linux Professional). For taking part in a LPI exam, you can contact any VUE centre in your area.

You have 6 months access to the online training. When you need more time to complete the training, you will get 3 months extension upon request without any additional costs!

Do you prefer following a classroom training? Check out the website of AT Computing for our classroom LPI courses.

Course slides

The course slides of this training are available in pdf form and can be ordered as a separate product next to the training. The slides are the exact same ones as used in the online training. The advantage of the course slides is that you can print the slides for your convenience . The slides will be send to you (during office hours) by e-mail.

If you would like to purchase the slides with your online training, you tick the checkbox of the 'Course slides' at the end of this page. After this, you can continue your order by pressing the 'order' button.


The book 'LPIC-1 Study guide' by Christine Bresnahan & Richard Blumn can also be ordered as a separate product to the training. This detailed study book can be used as self-study material or as a reference and it comes highly recommended by our teachers as self-study material alongside our classroom or online training.

'The book covers all LPI subjects for the 101 and 102 exam in a pleasant way. Each topic is handled with the right depth. This makes it very suitable to serve as a study book for the LPI 101 and 102 exams.'
Martijn Brekhof, teacher/consultant at AT Computing

Attention! The book covers both topics of the 101 and 102 exam and can be used at both trainings! This means that when you purchased the book for the 'LPIC certification level 1 (LPIC1) exam 101' training you of course do not have to purchase the book again for the 'LPIC certification level 1 (LPIC1) exam 102' training .

Shipping costs within the Netherlands are included in the price.
Please contact us if you're not resident in the Netherlands.

If you would like to purchase the book with your online training, you can tick the checkbox 'Book: LPIC-1 study guide' at the end of this page before you continue with your order. If you would like to purchase both the 'LPIC-1' book and the courseslides, you do so by choosing the third option 'Course slides and Book: LPIC-1 study guide'. You will receive a discount of €5,- on the courseslides if you choose this option.

Trainer: Martijn Brekhof, teacher/consultant at AT Computing


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Professional computer users who would like to become a certified Linux-systemadministrator (junior level)

The course meets the learning-objectives as set forth by the LPI. Here you can find an overview of the LPIC 102 learning-objectives:

105.1 Customize and use the shell environment
105.2 Customize or write simple scripts
105.3 SQL data management
106.1 Install and configure X11
106.2 Setup a dislay manager
106.3 Accessibility
107.1 Manage user and group accounts and related system files
107.2 Automate system administration tasks by scheduling jobs
107.3 Localisation and internationalisation
108.1 Maintain system time
108.2 System logging
108.3 Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) basics
108.4 Manage printers and printing
109.1 Fundamentals of internet protocols
109.2 Basic network configuration
109.3 Basis network troubleshooting
109.4 Configure client side DNS
110.1 Perform security administration tasks
110.2 Setup host security
110.3 Securing data with encryption

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