Prepaid 10 hour support card

€ 1.089,00

Our team of Linux- and open source experts is eager to share their unique source of knowledge with you! The Prepaid support card offers you the possibility to easily get access to to the knowledge of AT Computing. Beforehand you decide how many hours you need, after which you can directly contact us with your questions without having to worry about the financial administration.

Indicate below how may hours of support you would like to purchase. After we received your payment, we will send you our contact-information. From that moment on you can contact us with your questions by phone or e-mail.
After processing your question you will receive a notification with the residual value of your Prepaid support card. The card has a validity of one year.

10 hours support = 900 euro
25 hours support = 2125 euro
50 hours support = 4000 euro
100 hours support = 7500 euro

Prices ex VAT.
You can buy support in units of one hour. You can contact us by e-mail or phone on workdays between 8:30 an 17:00 hour (Dutch time, UTC+1). 

It is possible for us to login on your systems. In that case you should keep in mind that setting up the connection to your system may take some time. This time will be charged and will be subtracted from the value of your prepaid IT card.

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