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Study at the time that suits you and in every conceivable place a internetconnection is possible: that is the learning of today! Stop, pause and restart video presentations whenever you want, with the presentations and online examples synchronous on the side. You determine the pace of learning!

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Ideal preparation for the LPI exams
Together with the Linux Professional Institute (LPI) and Linux-Magazin Academy, AT Computing provides a new way of preparation for the LPI exam. The LPI courses meet the new learning-objectives as set forth by the LPI. All of the trainings are given by LPI-certified trainers. To provide the best possible preparation for the LPI exams, AT Computing offers (next to the online courses) exercise days and exam training. You can also practice the exercises of the trainings at home with our digital learning environments!

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NEW! Course documentation
AT Computing is the first and only supplier of the 'LPI certification level 3 (LPIC3) exam 301' course. This course is developed by AT Computing and shows our 25 years experience with teaching IT courses.

This course material (in the English language) is now available! You can order it separate from our 'LPI certification level 3 (LPIC3) exam 301' course. This means you can work with it independently to prepare for the LPI 301 exam.

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